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Achuth, Chennai
I am Achuth, studying II BA English at Loyola College. I watched the
play "Shakespeare and She" screened on Feb 16 at Museum Thearte, and i
must say i was deeply impressed by it. It captured deeply the ethos of
the contemporary and showed how relevant Shakespeare is even today. It
was cynically funny and yet movingly sad at the same time. The music
was brilliant and the director's experiments with lighting and script
were innovative to say the least. I have to thank Prakriti Foundation,
Mr.Ramu Ramanathan, the actors and the play for coming up with this
I am also interested in knowing more about Prakriti Foundation and its
working. Please do inform me about future events, particularly those
on theatre.

Shakespeare goes desi
THE HINDU, Metro Plus Chennai, Feb 19, 2007

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